All legal California Residents should vote in the elections that represent their state.

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Who Gets My Vote

See my choices and why as we get closer to the Nov 2018 election.

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The Issues To Vote On

As we get closer to the Nov. 2018 election, I will provide an explanation for each issue and bill that you will vote on. The descriptions will be just the facts and no biased interpretations to sway you in any direction.

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I truly believe we all know what is right and what is wrong. Do what you feel is the best for our state as a whole and not just for that one scenario or person that will not benefit from your decision.

This is about making better decisions for the longevity of our state, our people and our country.

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California State Legislature (LEGISLATURE)

Next Steps...

You don't have to vote on everything. Choose the issues that pertain to you and that you fully understand. Try not to make decisions for people that you don't know how the end result will impact their environment.

American citizens are all one group and therefore should be treated like a collective party regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, opinions, skills, and length of citizenship.

Do what's right!