California farmers and ranchers grow an unmatched variety of food and farm products for people in the U.S. and worldwide. California is home to the largest food and agriculture industry in the nation with 81,000 farms produce half of the nation’s fruits, vegetables and nuts, known as specialty crops.Lancona will work to ensure California remains the largest and growing food and agriculture industry in the nation instead of the many closures we have had over the past couple decades. California will continue to be a worldwide agriculture leader and the state’s farmers will be provided the resources needed to increase the quality of our soils to ensure healthy crops are sustainable.

Farming and ranching touches nearly every aspect of human activity and is always the subject of legislative and regulatory interest. Because of that, Lancona will work with the California Farm Bureau Federation to protect and promote agricultural interests throughout California and to find solutions to the problems of the farm, the farm home and the rural community. CFBF represents farmers and ranchers in venues including the state Capitol, the halls of Congress and the offices of state and federal regulatory agencies.

Labor / Workforce

California’s diverse agricultural production relies upon skilled people in year-round and seasonal jobs. Farmers and ranchers face very real challenges in ensuring they can hire from among a reliable, stable and legal workforce. Lancona will support legal immigration for farming while balancing out the workforce of the natural citizens to ensure Americans are employed first where possible.

Border Security, Economic Opportunity, Immigration and Modernization Act.

Ensuring a Safe Food Supply

Food Safety Modernization Act

Animal Agriculture

No one has greater concern for the care and welfare of farm animals than the farmers and ranchers who raise them. Lancona will represent farmers and ranchers on issues including animal health and welfare, stewardship of natural resources and economic viability of animal agriculture.


Farmers and ranchers must have a reliable and affordable supply of energy to produce food and farm products efficiently and sustainably. Lancona will represent farmers and ranchers before the state Public Utilities Commission to ensure fair and reasonable agricultural energy rates and encourages the responsible development of renewable energy. Increased solar power and alternative clean energies will be used in arguments for costs savings.


Agricultural Budgets

Budget funds in the state and federal appropriations processes to augment efforts to combat pests and diseases. Funds are used for exclusion activities at our ports and border inspection facilities as well as on the ground through a variety of detection methods.

Forestry & Public Lands

Many of California’s rural communities rely on wise multiple use of public lands and a healthy timber economy. Grazing, logging, recreation and other activities on public and private lands benefit California’s economy and environment. Lancona encourages fair forest management and continued access to public lands and reducing the size of government controlled land encouraging privately owned land.

Rural Crime

Chronic problems with rural crime highlight the need for increased communication between local law enforcement agencies and the agricultural community. Vandalism and theft of farm equipment, chemicals, livestock and crops harm farmers, ranchers and rural communities. Lancona encourages efforts to reduce rural crime and illegal dumping.