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Our mission here at Rockers 4 Wildlife is to help implement solutions by strategic planning and implementation from start to finish with any size team needed for whatever it is we’re facing.

We work hard to be a voice for the voiceless animals and humans of the world that need any type of help nationally and internationally.

Paul Padgett’s background as an emergency first responder among many other certifications, and his wife Tracie as an emergency nurse and emergency first responder put’s us front line on any type of situation.

From saving new born babies with complications, to ocean/water rescues, fire rescue, tornados, hurricanes, earthquake’s and tsunami’s. We cover it all!!!

Over 32 years Paul and his teams have been saving lives both human and animals!

Don’t be fooled by our name Rockers 4 Wildlife. Our name evolved from being a musical family. I have had people ask is this just for musicians.

You don’t have to be a musician or a rocker to help Rockers 4 Wildlife achieve success  working towards our goals to make this a better place for all of us that inhabit this beautiful planet.

All you have to do is want to help in some way. we all  know that we have to do something to make some changes before we run out of resources.

We have to come together for the beautiful people and animals of this planet that are now going extinct or on their way out soon.

Lets work to make sure humans don’t end up on that list!

Lets do something about it together!

When we band together we can work to help insure that the extinction list doesn’t end up having humans printed on it!

With small changes like taking fifty cents a day can have a huge impact in a positive way.

Not only that, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy donating to something your passionate about.

I know the handful of us as a team, even if it’s small can make a difference together.

This is what team stands for:


Small amounts of effort and conscious thought can compound into huge efforts by lots of people over time. The power of one does make a difference!

I know I don’t have to share with one single person that doesn’t realize something has to change across the board on all subjects of our lives, human or animal.

We are in times that the truth be told as it is to all of us so we have a chance to pass this beautiful planet to our kids and grand kids.

Here at Rockers 4 Wildlife we go out into some of the toughest terrains, oceans and seas of the planet to see and document, then help find and implement solutions.

We need help to make it bigger, better, and faster to make the changes needed.

We have easy ways to make big differences that we can do together through our affiliations with all the wonderful sanctuaries and different projects we’ve worked on for years.

Hey by the way, check out the pictures on each page to check all the different pictures I used from some of the gallery art for the backdrop of the pages.

I hope you enjoy the journey it takes you on through my eyes when we trekked into the unknown. The flow to the last page leads to a tranquil place just seeing the silky waters flow with grace.

Lets do this together! We can make a difference by skipping a latte or whatever your vise may be. It’s what we did when we started out. Skip it for a day and put it toward continued projects that help us achieve our mission to stand up and do the best we can today for a better tomorrow! Lets rock this thing called life!!!!

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Trump National Golf Course Celebrity Tournament July 17, 2017

In Support of Caren Lancona for U.S. Senate for California a celebrity golf tournament with Pro Golfers, NFL Stars, Celebrities and Political Supporters will be playing at a fundraising golf tournament at the Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

This is not an Endorsement from the Trump Organization or affiliated with Donald J. Trump in anyway. This event is paid for by the Campaign Caren Lancona for U.S. Senate.

We support Donald J. Trump as our U.S. President with a desire to carry out his plans to California.

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California The Golden State

Tour California

Starting in March 2017, Caren Lancona and her team will be touring throughout California to do presentations on “Being A Better Californian”.

These empowering presentations will be delivered to every demographic from gang member clubs, drug rehabs, homeless shelters, schools, performing arts venues, parks and recs, Law Enforcement events, Veterans events, pageants, political events and on TV.

The change in California starts with everyone individually by educating them on how they can be better Californian’s to do their part to make sure we go in the right direction.

Lancona believes strongly that people do not have to become a product of their environment if they are educated on possibilities and empowered to become something better and potentially the person that is for all people in unity towards a better tomorrow.


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A Message from Caren Lancona

I believe that all citizens of America want the same things out of life and are just expressing it in a way that can’t be taken seriously because of their extreme actions to be heard.

It is not our government’s responsibility to make sure you are happy with your choice sexually, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of responsibility, or ethical problems.

It is our government’s responsibility to provide a safe environment with quality roads and transportation, safety through a level of organizations, freedom of speech, constitutional rights and a fair right to trial if you do make a mistake. With that, it is our politician’s responsibility to make sure we have sound budgets, financial planning and due diligence on project planning and deliverables.

It starts right now with you.

Caren Lancona 2017


Ronald Reagan quote


The goal is to get as many Californian’s on one team as possible so that we may collectively move forward towards a better future.

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