Growing up in California, USA was great, it was fun, and so many of us will express how we felt much more free than we do today where it feels like someone is ready to step on your heels with every step you take.


I believe it is now my duty to use my expansive body of knowledge in so many areas of business and life to give back to our country and it’s people. I do not profess to be a politician even though I was surrounded by it. I do not profess to be a legal professional although I understand the system and it’s jargon.

What I do profess is my ability to listen to the issues, understand the arguments, visualize the outcomes, access the knowledge bases, weigh out the offered solutions and make a sound decision for all impacted by the issues.


It is also my belief that a Bill does not need to be put into place for every little scenario. It is very expensive to develop and execute Senate Bills and they just flat out aren’t always necessary. Creating a Bill to let Terrorist know what they can legally and illegally do is a complete waste of time and money. I strongly believe they do not care about our laws. Other Bills are made to cover any future occurrence of something that may have happened once. We must not interfere with God’s will by overprotecting every situation with laws and government.

I believe that California Gun Controls are out of control and have significantly impacted enthusiasts as well as the Right To Bear Arms. Instead, we need to control criminals and criminal activity.

My friends, employees, and contractors are of every color and race. I only see color when that person makes me aware of it by needing special treatment. What I do see is those who make an effort, do what is right for themselves and others and that contribute to society in a positive way as opposed to those who take from the system, abuse substances, cheat, lie and steal. I do not believe in Sanctuary Cities or States as this represents a carveout for accepting weakness. Instead, I believe in empowering all people to be their best while learning how to excel in the one system provided equally to all.


During the time of 9-11, I was a frequent flyer for work and was supposed to travel to Seattle that morning. After one week of an order for Execs to stop all travel I was back to flying. I made sure ever since that time that I was in seat 1, row 1 or as close to it as I could be because if anything was going to happen I figured I could take my heavy gold metal St. John’s knits belt off and use it as a weapon if needed. I tell you this because I’m not going to go down without a fight and figured out that they could take away potential weapons at the TSA but, they forgot about the big heavy belt that I could wrap around my hand to knock someone out. I’m no more relaxed about being ready today. OK so, I can back that up with defense and martial arts training I’ve had.

There is so much miscommunication happening about the travel ban that I would just like to simplify it for everyone here. I am very much in agreement of the travel ban for the 7 countries included as the policy is to protect us by vetting out potential terrorist. They don’t need to be here anymore than you need to be in their countries.


I think people and corporations need to earn their positions in life through merit, ethics and quality. I see government contracts being handed out to companies that have backhanded deals that often benefit politicians and their connections. I saw how this destroyed Washington Mutual and forced a major recision. Decisions were being made on short term thinking, greed and kickbacks. This is the opposite of what our government should be participating in as it puts our country at risk and vulnerable to other countries.

A main goal of mine is to support our President in bringing more jobs back to America and namely in California. Jerry Brown has not served us well as a Governor. I want to make sure our new Governor has the tools and information needed to attract new businesses and retain the ones we have.


Our budgets have been misallocated towards creating a weaker society through social services to legals and illegals while our infrastructure has been neglected as we recently saw with the Oroville Dam and Freeway Closures.

It is important to have a leader in office that knows how to allocate funds to the right areas to create a stronger society and infrastructure instead of giving it all away in handouts and then getting into financial distress.


Currently, I’m engaging technology leaders to develop a technology program to use fingerprinting on cellphones to allow a voter to login to an app, vote once and then be locked out of the system. They could also get an emailed printout of their voting sheet to help them remember their voting choices which is not something we get today.

This system has a multitude of benefits for the future such as identifying people to their social security numbers, credit cards, drivers licenses and more. I figure the only resisters will be the people that have something to hide since most people have been fingerprinted already in one way or another.

I will do my best to support Legal US Citizen’s in Californian to be healthier, smarter, engaged more in society, and fulfilled in their work and personal lives through knowledge and empowerment of others.

I appreciate your support and look forward to being your representative as US Senator from California in 2018.

Be Strong!

Caren Lancona